exposition O’Bites

In my life, radio broadcasting is different from the audio presentation available
on this site just because recording speech bites is what I do after the live radio show.
We are live on FM – Hi! in Shizuoka, Japan, and we call it   76.9 HITz DRIVE
It is where we give the locals just one hour of English language
pop music from 9AM 5 days a week


NOW HERE is the defining BITE
( click to download )

just push play

get down on the right side bar and find “Here Be  … “




Bo Diddley passed back in ’08, but I want to pretend
that I played golf with him. AirBus and Boeing fight it out
right up the road from London, and how about those
bees or drones lazy boys.

NOW HERE is the latest BITE
( click to download )


just push play

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